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How you can help us change the planet.

We're huge advocates of a circular economy, and we're committed to becoming more sustainable. Find out how.

14th June 2019

Ready to Spring back into action? Make sure you...

Spring has sprung, finally! I have some tidy tips and insights to get your home Spring ready.

6th April 2021

Selling Silver Jewellery for cash

So, you’ve decided that you want to sell your jewellery. Now it’s time to work out how you’re...

12th December 2020

Who is David Hakeney? 

We’re pleased to introduce you to a treasured member of the Vintage Cash Cow family – and one...

14th October 2020

How To Clean Old Coins (Hint: Don’t!)

Old coins are not just fun collectable items, they can also be extremely valuable. Of course, if you...

6th September 2020